Courses Curriculum

BS Programs & DPT Course Curriculum
1BS Anesthesia TechnologyDownload
2BS Cardiovascular TechnologyDownload
3BS Emergency Medical TechnologyDownload
4BS Imaging (Radiology) TechnologyDownload
5BS Surgical and Operation Theater TechnologyDownload
6BS PsychologyDownload
7BS Medical Laboratory Technology (AJK)Download
8BS Medical Laboratory Technology (KMU)Download
9BS Dialysis TechnologyDownload
10Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)Download
11BS Respiratory Therapy TechnologyDownload
12BS Optometery & Vision TechnologyDownload
13BS Dental Technology (KMU)Download

F.Sc Medical Technologies Course Curriculum
1F.Sc Dental Hygiene TechnologyDownload
2F.Sc Radiology TechnologyDownload
3F.Sc Medical Laboratory TechnologyDownload
4F.Sc Physiotherapy TechnologyDownload
5F.Sc Ophthalmology TechnologyDownload
6F.Sc Surgical TechnologyDownload
Diploma Medical Technologies Course Curriculum
1Diploma Medical Faculty 1st SemesterDownload
2Diploma Medical Faculty 2nd SemesterDownload
3Medical Ethics 3rd SemesterDownload
4Dental Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
5Dental Technology 4th SemesterDownload
6Anesthesia Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
7Anesthesia Technology4th SemesterDownload
8Surgical Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
9Surgical Technology 4th SemesterDownload
10Pathology Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
11Pathology Technology 4th SemesterDownload
12Health Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
13Health Technology 4th SemesterDownload
14Cardiology Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
15Cardiology Technology 4th SemesterDownload
16Radiology Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
17Radiology Technology 4th SemesterDownload
18Dialysis Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
19Dialysis Technology 4th SemesterDownload
20Pharmacy Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
21Pharmacy Technology 4th SemesterDownload
22Physiotherapy Technology 3rd SemesterDownload
23Physiotherapy Technology 4th SemesterDownload

Diploma Pharmacy/Category B Technician
1Diploma Pharmacy/Category B TechnicianDownload